Feeling A Bit Small!

I was in StumbleUpon the other day and Stumbling through the business blogs when I came across a blog about the professional blogger and how bloggers should display their blog sites. It was an interesting article and was quite rich in good content, meaning it was very informative to me.

Now you need to understand that I am new to blogging but I am giving it my best shot. Yes I make many rookie mistakes but you make them, you find what you did and you move on with a better understanding on your next post.

All through the article I couldn’t help feeling a bit small as I came across comments about how anyone who uses adsense is an amateur and that this person didn’t have a need for such things because he is such a professional.

OK; I understand you are on a different level than me but I learn from you with hopes to be at that level some day. You know that comment come off to me to be a little bit snobbish.

I use adsense for one reason and one reason only. Adsense helps me to supplement my income. It was put there as an opportunity and if you use it as such it can help with finances. I guess I am destined to be an amateur.

Here is a website that will help you understand how the So Called Next Level Works. Look; in my book there are no amateurs, only people, and people work hard. Don’t let these so-called pro’s think that they are better than you. Remember, they had to start somewhere also.


Katie Konrath said...

Don, very good points. Using adsense or not is a personal choice for a blogger, and what choice they decide to make really only impacts them.

For my site, I don't use Adsense because I want to control what's on there. But that doesn't give me a license to criticize other people for making their own decision.

I also dislike "experts" who scorn beginners. That seems to me that they are trying really hard to prove that they're important.

A real professional or expert is someone who can be gracious and help people reach the next level through positive means.