I love Watching Membership Site Affiliates Beat The Hell Out Of Each Other!

To start with let me give you a background on some membership sites. I belong to a select few and they are top notch in my book.

In my own words: A membership site is a website that gives away something, usually e-books or some sort of content or information that should have some form of value placed on it. This content is given in exchange for your contact information.

Some membership sites have a membership fee for joining them and offer a valuable supply of content in return. These sites can be an asset if the marketer is at the top of his game and offers a content rich and personal support system. If this is so you can bet your bottom dollar that this marketer is working for his money. He is offering you a service and is delivering on his promise. After all, this is what you paid for in the first place.

With that said lets get to why I named this article what I did. Here is the original e-mail message that I received from Ewen Chia.

Hi Donald,

Mark your calendar for this Saturday, December 1st
at 12PM EST...

On this day, I'll be releasing all my secrets to super affiliate marketing so you can finally make a fortune with other people's products.

You'll also discover the *exact* step-by-step system
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In fact, I'll even hand you a *built-in* passive income
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You can see the website at: The link was here.

You can also download a confidential report called
"7 Hidden Principles Of Super Affiliate Marketing".

*Important*: Do NOT opt-in to get the report or you'll
receive duplicate emails from me as you're already
my subscriber.

Instead I'm going to give you the download link here...

Go to this page to download your confidential report:

The link would be here if this was an advertisement.

Saturday - December 1st, 12PM EST.

Mark that date and time down now and look out for
my email tomorrow with the subject line:

"Donald, sneak peek..."

It's going to blow your mind.

To Your Incredible Success!


Ok; I am a member of one of Ewen’s sites and like what it is I am a member for. Here is the kicker. Now everyone and their neighbor is trying to get me to join. Read some of the other e-mail I received.

Subject Line: Do not join Ewen's Super Affiliates yet! Read this before...

"Hello Donald,

I had the privilege to review Ewen Chia's
Super Affiliates Membership Club and it's
awesome so I decided to give you an excellent
bonus package if you join through my link:”

Subject Line: Your $10 discount for Ewen's site (I have egg on my face)

"Hi Donald,

I knew that other marketers had prepared bonuses for Ewen's
launch. Well, I don't play the bonus wars game, so I didn't
create a bonus package for those who order from me.

Instead, I decided to offer a $10 rebate - for EVERY month
you're a member - because I think saving money is something
you'll really appreciate...”

This is just a couple of email messages from some of my subscriptions. I have received many of the same, each one with an offer to go through their site.

Look, I signed up with their e-mail newsletter for one reason or another but please!!!!!!! STOP THE MADNESS! This is a complete turn-off to affiliate marketing. I for one do-not feel that this is an appropriate form of affiliate marketing. To me, it sounds like a bunch of cut-throats. When I received selected information from them, I held the utmost respect for what they had to offer me. Now that level of respect has gone right out the window.

The bottom line is when I want a certain type of information I will go right to the source. I am also opting out of many newsletters.

Anyone who reads this post, please let me know your views on this subject as the subject of affiliate marketing is appealing to me, however I seem to be learning what not to do more that what to do lately.