Traffic, Traffic, Traffic, In Search Of As Usual!

The never ending search for Free Traffic:

Years ago it used to be very hard to get free traffic to your website as you would be spammed on every turn. Welcome to the new age of free traffic. There are many programs you can choose from that have the potential to draw a significant amount of traffic to your blog or website.

Today I am setting my focus on just one of these many programs:

I decided rather than give you a list of potential traffic builders I would just take this one, sign up and work the program. The website is well designed and easy to navigate. You will have no problem getting started. If you are interested in a quick start and a traffic boost, they do have a paid traffic offer but my focus is on the FREE VIRAL METHOD.

They are called The Widgeteers:

According to information provided by the founding member of the company Keith Carberry, who I just tried to make contact with and gave him a link to this blog. My hope is that he leaves a comment and gives us some insight on this new and promising website. I am not exactly sure of the original launch but it was around September 3rd or 4th 2008 so this viral advertising program is very new and has the potential to grow.

From the About Me Page:

The Widgeteers website provides widgets, ad blocks, fly-in ads and exit ads that you can display on your website. You earn ad credits whenever visitors see a widget (or other ad unit) on your web page, i.e. each time your page loads. Your ad credits enable your own ad to appear in widgets on the websites of other members in the network. The more ad credits you have, the more often your ad appears in other peoples widgets. Your ad impressions will grow, virally and exponentially.

Also, when anyone you refer to The Widgeteers joins and displays widgets on their web site, you receive additional credits. As others sign up below them, you earn even more credits. This continues for a full ten levels deep, making your ad impressions so viral that they are literally unstoppable. Because of the viral nature of the system, your ads will soon be displayed on thousands of websites all over the Internet, with very little work on your part.”

I hope this is information is of some help to your traffic generating adventures.
Thanks for reading.

Hint: This is a sign up link, It's free to join.

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Welcome To The All New Everything Marketer (Complete Re-Design)

Hello and welcome to the new Everything Marketer,

If you have been here before you have noticed the new design. Look up in the address bar; you notice the new domain name as well. Actually this is not a new domain name. It was once my old website called Everythingelse.biz.

Anyway, my vision for this blog is this:

I am re-constructing Everythingelse.biz to be a site that brings you true value in the pursuit of information marketing. It’s sort of a niche site that brings you everything you could ever want to know in the marketing world. I have been selling information products since 1998 when internet marketing was still young

I choose information marketing because of its versatility. Information marketing is one of those things that have more sub categories than anything else you will ever find on the internet. Thus the name Everything Marketer I like the fact that there is such a wide range of topics to cover and you will never get bored with just one subject.

I’ve seen this in many a successful business over the years. Connecting blog with website turns any business totally interactive. It allows you to be in complete contact with your customers and your customers with your business. Now with social networking at its peak, your personal business is just that.

Here is the address for Everythingelse.biz. Why not go there and give me a few pointers as to how you think the site is and what it could be. I will be covering many topics within the niche of Information Marketing.


This week I will be covering traffic and ways on how to get more to your website or blog. I think this the perfect topic as this blog is just getting started and I will be using these tactics as I explain them to you.

I created a package called Traffic Jam for the week of December 1, 2008 so I will stick with this topic throughout the week. In the mean time why not check out the package HERE. It is a true value and well worth the cost.

Until the next post, thanks for your visit.

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