To Many Social Network Sites

I am one who loves the social network seen but enough is enough. I posted on the amount of social network sites back in February and was amazed at the numbers. The post is here: Social Networking, How Long Will The Craze Last? Anyway, you need to see for yourself just how many there are. I believe there have been quite a few added since then.

In most of the networks that I am a member of and I won’t go into detail on what ones they are but, I get many members trying to recruit me into their new networks that they just discovered. I usually write back and tell them that I belong to way to many already but thanks for the offer.

Social Networks are a great place to meet new people and build traffic to your blog but there comes a time when you have to say enough. Remember, being involved with means you have to be social. How can you be sociable when you are just answering every comment that is placed on you? After awhile it becomes a burden, you find yourself meeting everyone’s needs and neglecting what you are blogging for in the first place.

I find that to be a blogger I have to only be a part of a few social networks and not over do it. I belong to social networks that I am comfortable with. When joining a network you have to ask yourself these questions.

Are the people here receptive to new people?

Do they welcome or do they snub new, un-established faces?

Are they easy to navigate?

Do they have a good variety of networking tools for you to work with?

You can get most of these answers from reading the f.a.q.s, or asking members these questions. I find that a few good networks are much more rewarding than trying to join everything in sight.

You will find that most of your traffic will come from your friends who you communicate with on a daily basis. You will find that if they find something that interests or helps them, they will spread the word to their friends and fellow networkers.