SU Is Amazing!

I have been surfing the internet for about 12 years now and have never come across a plug-in quite like Stumble Upon. The inventers of SU have come up with such a great concept.

In the past if I was looking for something, I would type in my search words or phrase and search through hundreds of websites until I found what I was looking for. This would prove to be one of the most tedious of tasks. Not to mention all the abandoned searches from the sheer frustration of not getting the information you set out for to begin with.

I have been with Stumble Upon for about 6 months now and the way I approach the internet has changed. The way I approach things now and this is the only way I can explain it is through sort of like a back door. Searching in Reverse I like to call it.

Now I set my areas of interest and browse whatever is available. I always get interesting information as the same people who are visiting each others content are voting on what is good and what is junk. You never see the junk as it is voted with a thumb down and never gets very far.

In the past few months I have been touched with some of the best articles I have ever read. The people I have met have been the most supportive and kindest people. The internet is a pleasure again, not a task.

I am new to blogging but I do find a certain gratification out of writing and interacting with others and SU has somehow helped to enhance my interest. I feel confident and would like to share that feeling with others who have found themselves buried in search terms that take them nowhere.

I can promise you this. If you have never used Stumble Upon, you are in for a real treat. Just look for the icon on the right of this page and try it out for yourself. I challenge you to come back and tell me of your experience. Good or Bad!