Traffic, Traffic, Traffic, In Search Of As Usual!

The never ending search for Free Traffic:

Years ago it used to be very hard to get free traffic to your website as you would be spammed on every turn. Welcome to the new age of free traffic. There are many programs you can choose from that have the potential to draw a significant amount of traffic to your blog or website.

Today I am setting my focus on just one of these many programs:

I decided rather than give you a list of potential traffic builders I would just take this one, sign up and work the program. The website is well designed and easy to navigate. You will have no problem getting started. If you are interested in a quick start and a traffic boost, they do have a paid traffic offer but my focus is on the FREE VIRAL METHOD.

They are called The Widgeteers:

According to information provided by the founding member of the company Keith Carberry, who I just tried to make contact with and gave him a link to this blog. My hope is that he leaves a comment and gives us some insight on this new and promising website. I am not exactly sure of the original launch but it was around September 3rd or 4th 2008 so this viral advertising program is very new and has the potential to grow.

From the About Me Page:

The Widgeteers website provides widgets, ad blocks, fly-in ads and exit ads that you can display on your website. You earn ad credits whenever visitors see a widget (or other ad unit) on your web page, i.e. each time your page loads. Your ad credits enable your own ad to appear in widgets on the websites of other members in the network. The more ad credits you have, the more often your ad appears in other peoples widgets. Your ad impressions will grow, virally and exponentially.

Also, when anyone you refer to The Widgeteers joins and displays widgets on their web site, you receive additional credits. As others sign up below them, you earn even more credits. This continues for a full ten levels deep, making your ad impressions so viral that they are literally unstoppable. Because of the viral nature of the system, your ads will soon be displayed on thousands of websites all over the Internet, with very little work on your part.”

I hope this is information is of some help to your traffic generating adventures.
Thanks for reading.

Hint: This is a sign up link, It's free to join.

Get The Widgeteers - Viral Marketing - Instant Ads now... Click here!

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Welcome To The All New Everything Marketer (Complete Re-Design)

Hello and welcome to the new Everything Marketer,

If you have been here before you have noticed the new design. Look up in the address bar; you notice the new domain name as well. Actually this is not a new domain name. It was once my old website called Everythingelse.biz.

Anyway, my vision for this blog is this:

I am re-constructing Everythingelse.biz to be a site that brings you true value in the pursuit of information marketing. It’s sort of a niche site that brings you everything you could ever want to know in the marketing world. I have been selling information products since 1998 when internet marketing was still young

I choose information marketing because of its versatility. Information marketing is one of those things that have more sub categories than anything else you will ever find on the internet. Thus the name Everything Marketer I like the fact that there is such a wide range of topics to cover and you will never get bored with just one subject.

I’ve seen this in many a successful business over the years. Connecting blog with website turns any business totally interactive. It allows you to be in complete contact with your customers and your customers with your business. Now with social networking at its peak, your personal business is just that.

Here is the address for Everythingelse.biz. Why not go there and give me a few pointers as to how you think the site is and what it could be. I will be covering many topics within the niche of Information Marketing.


This week I will be covering traffic and ways on how to get more to your website or blog. I think this the perfect topic as this blog is just getting started and I will be using these tactics as I explain them to you.

I created a package called Traffic Jam for the week of December 1, 2008 so I will stick with this topic throughout the week. In the mean time why not check out the package HERE. It is a true value and well worth the cost.

Until the next post, thanks for your visit.

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Buy Me A Cup Of Coffee Tutorial For Blogger

I am not here to discuss the morality of donations. Plain and simple, I am showing you a way to get something back for all your hard work and effort that you have put into your blog for all this time.

Have you ever noticed that the only place you can find a plugin for this code is Word Press. I personally don’t care too much for Word Press. I have become very comfortable with Blogger. I also have been advised to get my own domain name because it looks more professional. I have my own domain name; in fact I have more than one. I just don’t use any of them for blogging.

Your popularity will not be based on weather or not you have your own domain name for your blog. Your popularity is based on your readers. Your readers come back over and over again because what you write about is of interest to them. A domain name is not going to matter to them. If your friends and readers like what you write about you can offer them a way to buy you a cup of coffee for your efforts.

I am not showing you a way to build a business or anything like that. If you think that this is what this is about, well the only thing I can say is Good Luck!

I designed a website for you to learn how to do this and laid it out so it is easy to follow. Since I am using blogger without my own domain please right click on the link below and open in a new tab or new window so you can come back and leave a comment and tell me what you think of this post or the code it self.

Here is the link for the tutorial. I hope you get some use out of it. Please pass it around to all your friends who use blogger.

Please Right click here and open in a new tab or window!


Is It Failure or Frustration?

Today I read a post on why some people are successful and some are not. This post was very interesting to me as I have been working on a project that has come to a standstill and I feel failure in the air.

Here is a quote from the blog that I am talking about.

“I believe most people fail to take action because of their fear of failure and I’ll agree, failing sucks. Because of the action I’m always eager to take, I’ve failed plenty of times in my life. In fact, I’d bet I’ve failed more times than most of the people that have said I’m lucky - and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t call failing luck. Only the successes stand out (I know it feels like the whole world is watching when you bomb though - they’re not).”

If you want to read the complete article, Go Here. I have been following tysblog for a short time now and find his posts to be of interest if you are a marketer or inspire to be one.

What Causes Me To Fail?

As I was working on this project I realized that my most common problem is running into brick walls. I needed a way to put up a pay per download without all the time it takes to setup a PayPal button. I started searching for a way that would suit my needs. Well, this proved to be much more difficult than I anticipated. I started searching and the search continued for a good week or better.

At last, I finally found the program I was looking for but not through the intensive search but through a source that really had nothing to do with my searches, Go Figure; This program was perfect, I mean it has quick buttons, a large download area, a connection to PayPal’s IPN and other features that I am not going to go into at this point.

The bottom line is, I setup many links and some squeeze pages and many ways to connect to this pay per download income source that I was so adamant in creating. What do you think happened? Now keep in mind that I have been working on this project for months now and could feel this project really starting to take shape. Before I could go live with this project I had to know just how the buttons worked so I could show my potential customers just how easy the whole process would be.

I Became The Customer:

I decided to become a customer, so I posed as my wife and used her account and purchased a download from myself. I wanted the costumer experience so I could convince my potential customers just how easy this whole thing is. Well, I went through the whole process with PayPal and everything went off without a hitch. I even received an email that I received a payment from a customer. The only problem I am having is no product. I have no way of connecting to the download area.

Far be it for me to think that this new program would automatically take me to the download file. Well that’s where I am at with this project and am waiting for a response from the administrator of the program. The program is in bata mode and is quite new so help is limited.

The Bottom Line:

Look, the bottom line is that I have created many projects with the potential to be a success only to find failure in the fact that something complicated stopped me from perusing it any further.

Not This Time!

I say “Failure Is Not an Option”

This post is not about any program. It is not about technical background. There are a lot of people out there that get frustrated with things that many others have no problem with. I think that in my case, It’s time to keep pushing until I find the resources that I need to overcome my frustration.

How about you, what causes your failure?


What You Don’t Know About Using PLR Content – But Need To

Private Label Content (PLR) has been a hot topic in online business over the last couple of years. As more opportunities have emerged for people to make money with niche marketing, so has the demand for affordable content.

PLR is the perfect solution!

If you’re not familiar with how PLR works, it is essentially a way for multiple people to “share” content. Since they are all given access to use or change the content, they pay significantly less.

You can then use that PLR as is and put your name on it as the author. Or you can divide it up, add to it, combine it with other content, create an audio product from it… the sky’s the limit! The more creative you are, the more unique your resulting product will be.

For online marketers, this can mean a savings of countless hours of work over writing all of their content themselves. Or thousands of dollars in outsourcing fees if they were to hire a professional writer.

But before you get started using PLR to grow your business, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

1. It’s important that you trust the source of the PLR content – Not all PLR content is created equal. There are lots of people publishing inferior content that no marketer in their right mind would use.

Remember, once you put your name on the content, your potential customers think that you wrote it. If it’s not well written, informative and interesting you’ll make a bad impression. Even if you’re just using the content on your website to improve search engine rankings, it has to be good quality because prospects will be reading it and judging you based on it.

2. The best use for PLR is not article site submissions – Submitting articles to article directories can be a great promotion strategy. And in the early days of PLR that is primarily how people used the content. But the article directories have gotten smarter and realized that multiple people are submitting the exact same articles. This makes the directory look bad – so they’ve tightened up their policies and no longer allow this.

But that’s alright, because that’s probably the worst use of PLR content. It just makes you look bad if you’re publishing the exact same article as someone else. Instead, smart marketers are using PLR content to create their own unique products. Customers are less likely to notice any overlap in the information if you do this well.

3. Combining PLR is the easiest way to use it – If you use a piece of PLR content exactly as is, the odds are that you’ll be competing directly with someone else who is offering the same product. However, if you add other pieces of PLR content then you can create something that is uniquely yours. You still don’t have to do any writing, yet you have a product with different information then your competitors are offering.

PLR content truly is a great way to get the content you need for your business. It’s affordable, easily accessible and flexible. Whether you need content for your blog or want to create a complete product line, PLR is the perfect choice!


PLRWholesaler offers one of the largest selections of high quality PLR content on the web. And best of all, it won’t cost you a dime! Check out this amazing resource at:



To Many Social Network Sites

I am one who loves the social network seen but enough is enough. I posted on the amount of social network sites back in February and was amazed at the numbers. The post is here: Social Networking, How Long Will The Craze Last? Anyway, you need to see for yourself just how many there are. I believe there have been quite a few added since then.

In most of the networks that I am a member of and I won’t go into detail on what ones they are but, I get many members trying to recruit me into their new networks that they just discovered. I usually write back and tell them that I belong to way to many already but thanks for the offer.

Social Networks are a great place to meet new people and build traffic to your blog but there comes a time when you have to say enough. Remember, being involved with means you have to be social. How can you be sociable when you are just answering every comment that is placed on you? After awhile it becomes a burden, you find yourself meeting everyone’s needs and neglecting what you are blogging for in the first place.

I find that to be a blogger I have to only be a part of a few social networks and not over do it. I belong to social networks that I am comfortable with. When joining a network you have to ask yourself these questions.

Are the people here receptive to new people?

Do they welcome or do they snub new, un-established faces?

Are they easy to navigate?

Do they have a good variety of networking tools for you to work with?

You can get most of these answers from reading the f.a.q.s, or asking members these questions. I find that a few good networks are much more rewarding than trying to join everything in sight.

You will find that most of your traffic will come from your friends who you communicate with on a daily basis. You will find that if they find something that interests or helps them, they will spread the word to their friends and fellow networkers.


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Make Sure You Get Your Websites Indexed by Google

You’ve got to get your website indexed in by Google if you want to succeed. You’ve probably heard that over and over again. You may have even heard people talking about how difficult it is, and how much work it takes. But this isn’t necessarily true, if you know what to do.

First, once your website is ready, you need to go and list it for indexing yourself, instead of waiting for Googlebot to find you. Furthermore, you need to add each and every webpage of your website in the Add URL form for Google, which can be found at: http://www.google.com/addurl .

Before you do that, however, your website must be ready. Make sure that your content has targeted the keywords that will serve you and your potential visitor’s best in the search engine. You should use your keywords between 2% and 6% in the content of each page.

Use various search engine optimization techniques. As well as ensuring that your keywords are used in the actual content of your pages, you need to use them in the title of the page, in the ‘alt’ tags for graphics and links, in the anchor text for links, and in your Meta tags.

You also need to make sure that you have clean HTML code, that all of your pages are linked together, and that you aren’t using any SEO black hat techniques.

While this method of getting Google to Index your pages works, it can be very slow. The Googlebot obviously has a lot of work to do each day, and it just takes time to get it all done. But, there is a faster way to get listed in Google. Use Google AdWords.

With Google AdWords, you can sign up for an account at no cost, you should note, however, that it does indeed cost money to use Google AdWords. You select your keywords, set up your ad, set a budget, and activate the campaign. You must also set how much you are willing to pay, per click, for each keyword.

Google then starts showing your ad in the search results when your keywords are searched for – you see Google Ads on the right hand side of the page in the search results. That is where your ad will appear.


Tom Is Not Your Friend

Watch this video and formulate your own opinion. It will be interesting to hear what you think.

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