Yahoo Groups, A Source Of Income? PART I

This is a multi part reference to how I generate income through Yahoo

I just wanted to touch on a subject that hardly ever comes up in conversation when talking about traffic. I am the moderator of 3 Yahoo Advertising Groups. Believe it or not these groups generate a significant income. If you haven’t been involved with Yahoo Groups you just may be interested in what I have to report about this subject.

Let’s start with setting the stage.

Here are some statistics to give you an idea of what I am working with.

First group Members: 1136

Second group Members: 165

Third group Members: 2222

This gives me a total of 3523 members to date.

Here is how it works:

The groups are based on free advertising as that brings in the most
revolving traffic. The concept is, (You scratch my back and I’ll scratch
yours). There are a lot of people looking for a place to give their sales
pitch. I am offering them a place with significant traffic flow. I don’t
even advertise the groups. Yes they are listed as public with Yahoo group listings but that’s as far as it goes. People search for a place to advertise without being accused of spamming. This is the perfect environment for that.

The rules are simple, here is a copy of the email reminder that is sent
to the group upon joining and re-sent every two weeks after that.

To All Members,

This is a reminder to the group on the rules of membership. This is
an advertising group. What that means is that most, if not all post there opportunities on this site. If you want to be a part of this group you must follow the rules of membership.

We try to be fair as to how and why we set the rules for this group
so everyone has a chance to get there opportunity noticed. For those of you that have no regard for following rules, you do not have to and will not be a member of this group.

Here are the rules laid out for you so you have a clear understanding of how things work in this group.

1. Individual or Digest settings only:

The whole point behind an advertising group is to post ads for others to read. The cost for posting that ad is allowing others to show you there opportunity as well. Only in this way your ad is not SPAM and the community becomes stronger. If you can’t accept this rule and change your settings, you will be deleted from this group. If you are a repeat offender you will be banned from the group.

2. You must have a Yahoo profile to be a member of this group:

If you are found listed with no yahoo profile you will be deleted. I
find that most people listed without a yahoo profile have had there account closed for whatever reason. They are not a part of yahoo anymore and results are they are not a part of this group.

3. Please one profile:

None of this (iamhere1, iamhere2 stuff). What is that about anyway? People will read your ad with one profile. I am not going to pretend to understand this concept so if we find this you will be automatically banned from this group

4. Bouncing E-mails:

If your e-mail bounces you will be sent a re-activation request. If
you go into a hard bounce we will assume your e-mail account is no longer active and your membership will be deleted.

5. Please don't send the same ad 50 times in a row:

We are only going to look at it once. I don't know why some people want to send the same ad like that. How many times have you opened your group e-mail in digest and found the same ad listed all the way to the bottom. HERE IS THE RULE!!! Don't Do It. You will be banned.


These are the rules. They are simple to follow and fair. We try to maintain a fruitful group and if we can maintain order we will all prosper from our efforts. If you have any question or comment about the group or the rules please contact the group owner at:

Ok, it sounds a bit harsh but if you don’t want a complete out of control mess then I suggest you set strong rules and enforce them. You may be thinking that you won’t be getting many subscribers being so strict but you will be surprised at how many people sign up as you grow. My largest group grows on an average of 25 new members a week. Mind you, about half the amount dropped out or have been deleted for one reason or another. Still 12 people a day is still fantastic.

Coming up in part II

Next time I will be telling you about how I setup my front page in my
groups, also many other tips and tricks on how I have optimized all the tools yahoo gives you to run your group.


I love Watching Membership Site Affiliates Beat The Hell Out Of Each Other!

To start with let me give you a background on some membership sites. I belong to a select few and they are top notch in my book.

In my own words: A membership site is a website that gives away something, usually e-books or some sort of content or information that should have some form of value placed on it. This content is given in exchange for your contact information.

Some membership sites have a membership fee for joining them and offer a valuable supply of content in return. These sites can be an asset if the marketer is at the top of his game and offers a content rich and personal support system. If this is so you can bet your bottom dollar that this marketer is working for his money. He is offering you a service and is delivering on his promise. After all, this is what you paid for in the first place.

With that said lets get to why I named this article what I did. Here is the original e-mail message that I received from Ewen Chia.

Hi Donald,

Mark your calendar for this Saturday, December 1st
at 12PM EST...

On this day, I'll be releasing all my secrets to super affiliate marketing so you can finally make a fortune with other people's products.

You'll also discover the *exact* step-by-step system
I used to make $50,000 in PASSIVE INCOME every
single month automatically...and how you can instantly duplicate it too!

In fact, I'll even hand you a *built-in* passive income
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You can see the website at: The link was here.

You can also download a confidential report called
"7 Hidden Principles Of Super Affiliate Marketing".

*Important*: Do NOT opt-in to get the report or you'll
receive duplicate emails from me as you're already
my subscriber.

Instead I'm going to give you the download link here...

Go to this page to download your confidential report:

The link would be here if this was an advertisement.

Saturday - December 1st, 12PM EST.

Mark that date and time down now and look out for
my email tomorrow with the subject line:

"Donald, sneak peek..."

It's going to blow your mind.

To Your Incredible Success!


Ok; I am a member of one of Ewen’s sites and like what it is I am a member for. Here is the kicker. Now everyone and their neighbor is trying to get me to join. Read some of the other e-mail I received.

Subject Line: Do not join Ewen's Super Affiliates yet! Read this before...

"Hello Donald,

I had the privilege to review Ewen Chia's
Super Affiliates Membership Club and it's
awesome so I decided to give you an excellent
bonus package if you join through my link:”

Subject Line: Your $10 discount for Ewen's site (I have egg on my face)

"Hi Donald,

I knew that other marketers had prepared bonuses for Ewen's
launch. Well, I don't play the bonus wars game, so I didn't
create a bonus package for those who order from me.

Instead, I decided to offer a $10 rebate - for EVERY month
you're a member - because I think saving money is something
you'll really appreciate...”

This is just a couple of email messages from some of my subscriptions. I have received many of the same, each one with an offer to go through their site.

Look, I signed up with their e-mail newsletter for one reason or another but please!!!!!!! STOP THE MADNESS! This is a complete turn-off to affiliate marketing. I for one do-not feel that this is an appropriate form of affiliate marketing. To me, it sounds like a bunch of cut-throats. When I received selected information from them, I held the utmost respect for what they had to offer me. Now that level of respect has gone right out the window.

The bottom line is when I want a certain type of information I will go right to the source. I am also opting out of many newsletters.

Anyone who reads this post, please let me know your views on this subject as the subject of affiliate marketing is appealing to me, however I seem to be learning what not to do more that what to do lately.


SU Is Amazing!

I have been surfing the internet for about 12 years now and have never come across a plug-in quite like Stumble Upon. The inventers of SU have come up with such a great concept.

In the past if I was looking for something, I would type in my search words or phrase and search through hundreds of websites until I found what I was looking for. This would prove to be one of the most tedious of tasks. Not to mention all the abandoned searches from the sheer frustration of not getting the information you set out for to begin with.

I have been with Stumble Upon for about 6 months now and the way I approach the internet has changed. The way I approach things now and this is the only way I can explain it is through sort of like a back door. Searching in Reverse I like to call it.

Now I set my areas of interest and browse whatever is available. I always get interesting information as the same people who are visiting each others content are voting on what is good and what is junk. You never see the junk as it is voted with a thumb down and never gets very far.

In the past few months I have been touched with some of the best articles I have ever read. The people I have met have been the most supportive and kindest people. The internet is a pleasure again, not a task.

I am new to blogging but I do find a certain gratification out of writing and interacting with others and SU has somehow helped to enhance my interest. I feel confident and would like to share that feeling with others who have found themselves buried in search terms that take them nowhere.

I can promise you this. If you have never used Stumble Upon, you are in for a real treat. Just look for the icon on the right of this page and try it out for yourself. I challenge you to come back and tell me of your experience. Good or Bad!


700 Private Label Tip Articles For Zilch!

Hi to all my friends and passer-by’s,

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Feeling A Bit Small!

I was in StumbleUpon the other day and Stumbling through the business blogs when I came across a blog about the professional blogger and how bloggers should display their blog sites. It was an interesting article and was quite rich in good content, meaning it was very informative to me.

Now you need to understand that I am new to blogging but I am giving it my best shot. Yes I make many rookie mistakes but you make them, you find what you did and you move on with a better understanding on your next post.

All through the article I couldn’t help feeling a bit small as I came across comments about how anyone who uses adsense is an amateur and that this person didn’t have a need for such things because he is such a professional.

OK; I understand you are on a different level than me but I learn from you with hopes to be at that level some day. You know that comment come off to me to be a little bit snobbish.

I use adsense for one reason and one reason only. Adsense helps me to supplement my income. It was put there as an opportunity and if you use it as such it can help with finances. I guess I am destined to be an amateur.

Here is a website that will help you understand how the So Called Next Level Works. Look; in my book there are no amateurs, only people, and people work hard. Don’t let these so-called pro’s think that they are better than you. Remember, they had to start somewhere also.


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E-Books For A Buck

Hello All,

How is everyone doing today? I trust well, I hope.

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